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The approach I take is a client centered approach whereby you already know what is needed from deep down within you to help you find balance.  As a therapist my job is to guide you through this process of keeping you on course to help you find the solutions to achieve emotional balance for your mind and body.

I view anxiety and stress as a natural way of your body telling you to (ata haere) slow down.  During this slow down period reflect and explore on the probable causes on how you are dealing with grief, anger, denial, unresolved issues you find yourself in.  Let me guide you to autonomy.

"He āwhina, he aroha ngā miro tuitu i ngā haehaetanga a te mate."

"Love and support knit together the laceration of anguish."


Meditation and Prayer


A Maori perspective on meditation is a mindful practice done for healing and well being by connect- ing to Te Ao Wairua (spiritual world) and Te Ao Turoa (natural world).  Maori teachings are grounded in the domains of Atua or Gods.  Ranginui Sky Father:  Whom we look to the heavens in meditation and prayer.  Papatuanuku Earth Mother: Is our protector and provider  she keeps us grounded.  Tane God of Forest:  This is where we find peacefulness and he energises our wairua (spirit).  Tangaroa is associated with all forms of water.  So when we immerse ourselves in water we  cleanse our mind spirit and bodies.

He oranga ngākau he hikinga waiora.

In order for your heart to be full, take time to lift your spirit.

mauritu -mauriora

Distance Healing

Distance healing and clearing of negative energises is just as impressive as one on one healing, the only difference is that the client is not present in the room with the therapist.  Almost any type of condition will respond to creating balance, peace of mind, grounding and self-empowerment.  Energy can be sent for any condition, taha hinengaro (mental), wairua (spiritual), tinana (physical body) mauri (emotional).  Healing can be instant or could be over a period of time and can occur over days or even weeks it all depends on how the client integrated with the therapist during the session.

Ma te Atua me te waihi ngaro taatou e tiaki e manaaki.

May God of which all things come from bless and keep us.

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