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Grow with Pikopiko Life Coaching Services

'Ki u ki te whakapono, kia aroha tetahi ki tetahi’  which translates to ‘Hold firm to your beliefs and love one another’.

 I will help you shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one. Whether it’s your career, your relationships, or anything else that’s important to you, I’ll help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter in life.

There's nothing more fulfilling than helping others attain their goals and achieve success in their lives.  As a life coach, I get to inspire and motivate people.  I will help you reach your full potential.  Imagine how satisfying that would be.  I will do it by exploring where you are currently, where you want to be and how we will get you there.

I am a Bicultural Life Coach who specializes in the following:

Through oranga I will help you with te taha hinengaro, (psychological well-being) te taha wairua, spiritual well-being, te taha tinana physical well-being me te taha whanau, family, and social well-being.

I will work with you to create powerful action plans and goals.  I can help you find clarity and to make good powerful decisions to help you break through and move forward.  I can help you to find your life purpose and reach your full potential.  To find happiness and contentment with family and life in general.

About Flowers Kaiwai

I have only just retired and as such have acquired a wealth of knowledge over the many years that I have worked.  So my true passion and aim are to support, motivate and inspire people to find their true potential and life purpose.

Health and Well-being Life Coach

I am a Coach who specializes in therapy for anxiety/stress and depression, so through meditation and prayer, (if required) distance healing, (if required) clearing, and cleansing, (if required). Breathing techniques, solution-focused therapy, and spiritual healing (if required) I could help you. 

Career Coaching

I had 6 years of experience employed as a Work Broker for Work and Income New Zealand.

Preparing clients for job offers and interviews. Establishing a client/coach partnership. Working with the client to establish an action plan or work plan. Resume drop-offs to employers. Email CVs and cover letters out for suitable applications and targeted opportunities. Volunteer for work- experience. Aide clients to do a targeted job search. Check the Work and Income vacancy board and apply for suitable vacancies.

Bereavement Counselling

There are six main stages we can feel when going through the trauma of losing a loved one. I can help you through meditation and prayer, talk therapy, solution-focused counseling, cleansing, clearing, and spiritual work could be an option should you want it. Stages some people will go through

 Shock: Initial emotion of grief when encountering the passing of a dearly beloved individual. This stage is usually of short duration, sometimes hours or until reality sets in. Sometimes Denying or Denial: can set in at this time as well. No, it just can't be, it has to be a mistake, how can it happen? This again has a short time span lasting hours. Anger: could set in and we could project this onto an innocent person, family member, hospital staff, the divine source, higher power or even the deceased loved one for leaving. Again could be of short duration. Depression: bought on by sleepless nights, being listless and tired, being very emotional, crying a lot, or having no energy. This stage is the most difficult of the grieving process and the longest but also allows us to let go of our deepest and darkest thoughts. Accepting: This stage is where our physical being transcends to a spiritual one with our beloved and we can reflect on all the enjoyable times we encountered.

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